Mark Vanderbrook

graphic design and creative direction

Project: Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show Sponsorship


Role: Creative Director (creative strategy, concept, copywriting and graphic design)


Assignment: My team was tasked with creating an engaging, interactive booth display in the Capital One Bank AGventure at the Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show. The challenge was to re-skin the existing booth that had been used onsite for the previous 3 years, yet make it fresh and engaging. Additional components included a VIP Experience invitation and in-branch digital display screens.


Capital One Bank AGventure Booth

Buckslip – front

Buckslip – back

The AGventure Booth was a re-use of the existing two-story structure. To make it more engaging, I developed the concept of the "corral" area. The purpose of the structure was for children to register their school to win a scholarship opportunity. We called this out at the top of the booth so as to be visible from across the convention hall. Volunteers directed students and their parents to the side of the booth to fill out entry forms and then deposit them in the corral barrel.


The buckslips were handed out at various points throughout the rodeo grounds and at select branch locations around Houston to drive traffic to the booth.

In-Branch Digital Display Screens

Select branch locations throughout Houston have up to four 40-inch digital display screens. We utilized these screens to promote the scholarship opportunity as well as to call out the number of children that benefit from the bank's community involvement.

Volunteer T-Shirts

Volunteer associates working the Rodeo wore branded t-shirts that served two purposes. First, the shirts called out that associates wanted to brighten the day of fans visiting the Rodeo. This was performed through "Random Acts of Kindness" – holding a door, taking a family photo, etc. The back of the shirts served the second purpose, calling out the scholarship opportunity.

Exclusive Experience Invitation - front

Exclusive Experience Invitation - Inside

Exclusive Experience Invitation - back

Select customers of the bank are invited to a behind-the-scenes "exclusive experience." This printed, top fold invitation provides details of the event, including tickets to the featured performer. The customer's banker delivered the invitation.

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