Mark Vanderbrook

graphic design and creative direction

Project: Verizon Center (D.C.) Monumental Sports Sponsorship Activation


Role: Creative Director (creative strategy, concept, co-copywriting and graphic design)


Assignment: In 2010, Capital One Bank purchased Chevy Chase Bank. As part of the rebranding and integration process, my team was engaged to wrap the Verizon Center in Capital One Bank branding as part of our sports sponsorships. For this assignment, we had a variety of assets to use - from outdoor wallscapes to metro station signs and interior signage. To activate this project, we featured the NHL's Washington Capitals (including team captain Alex Ovetchkin) and the NBA's Washington Wizards (including John Wall).


We were also asked to work in the company's new graphical house style - featuring rich textural backgrounds, integrated textural headline and bold foreground subjects. This was the first time my team and I were working in the new house style and the first time it was being shown to the public in the Mid-Atlantic market as part of the larger integration and rebranding of Chevy Chase Bank.


On all of the Capitals materials, my role was creative strategy, concept development, and graphic design. I wrote a few of the headlines, but I had a copywriter helping out as well.  I was directing an art director on the Wizards part of the project that was handling the graphic design for those pieces.


Building Wallscape

The wallscape banner was erected on the Verizon Center to kick off the Capitals season.

Backlit Diorama Signs

The backlit diorama signs were positioned around the arena and featured marquee players. The headlines were crafted to reflect a combination of the sport and banking. 

Metro Station Sign, Door Clings and ATM Backlit Sign

This suite of signs was designed so that fans exiting the F Street Metro Station on their way to the game would be exposed to a series of messages that reinforced goals (whether banking or hockey).


At the F Street Metro exit, fans were exposed to the "Goals Ahead" message. Upon arriving at the Verizon Center F Street Entrance, fans were presented with the "Goals Inside" message. The "Goals Here" message was positioned above the wall of ATMs that the bank has on the main concourse.

F Street Branch Window Display

Directly across the street from the Verizon Center on F Street is a Capital One Bank branch. Shown here is the wrap that we applied to the branch windows. As the windows stretched close to the ground, I treated the bottom of the layout differently than the rest of the campaign. This treatment made the logo and type pop when viewed from across the street.

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